Hook with Aaron Price

Aaron joins Bailey to discuss dollar theaters, the discomforting notion of a forever childhood, and Michael Jackson voodoo rituals. 

Partygoers discuss memories of flying for the first time, food fights/other pranks, and personal happy thoughts. 


The Secret of NIMH with Jaime Perez

After a brief but important PSA, Jaime joins Bailey to talk Don Bluth, Disney (and non-Disney) Mice, and the allure of dark animated movies!

Partygoers discuss their rat tales (tails?)

Memories of magical objects are shared, with Bailey getting quite the shock!

Ya know...I've always wanted a glow-in-the-dark sparkly of my very own.

Mr. Boogedy and Bride of Boogedy with Sean Stone

Sean joins Bailey to talk family childhood scares, The RawPawPatootah Ghost, and giving movies the Disney treatment.

Partygoers share dreams that followed them into being awake, what it would take to sell their soul to the devil, and a lesson on how to catch a bird using salt.

Online Guests: if you have stories of snipe hunting or other practical joke stories from childhood, please reach out to us at memorystatic@gmail.com to share your story!

...just kidding

The Wathcher In the Woods with Ali Stuckey

Ali joins Bailey to talk Toilet Dogs/Vampires, accidentally ending up in another universe, and 70s people in board rooms. 

Partygoers share impressions of their best horror movie sound effects and one very strange voice. 

Also scary civil war dreams. Giant Spider dreams. Polkaroo dreams!

Hail Trash Bag Alien.

Episode 4: Cannon Movie Tales: The Frog Prince with Chaney Moore

Chaney joins Bailey to discuss their sister dynamic, Chaney's love of princesses, and how a movie production house that started out in soft porn became one of the most notable B-movie producers of the 80s. 

Partygoers discuss odd costume choices (boulder hat crown? ring pop hats?) and how creepy the Frog Prince is

A game of pass-the-crown determines the one true princess. Partygoers debrief their experiences of this intense match.

Will Chaney and Bailey resolve a decades-old dispute??

Episode 3 - AI: Artificial Intelligence with Wilson Smith

Wilson joins Bailey to discuss scary toys, getting fired by Stanley Kubrick, and an early internet browser game as marketing strategy.

Partygoers dive head-first into a group discussion.

Programming love: are we talking devotion? crave? real human love?

Robots dreaming: is there a life for David after his dream?

Evolved life forms looking back on current humanity and envying us

Episode 2 - Gay Purr-ee with Eryn Brothers

Eryn joins Bailey to discuss mail-order bride cats, impressionist art, and the Disney Animator’s strike.

Can confirm: this movie is not The Aristocats.

Partygoers give us their best cartoon sounds and impressions on the visage of the mysterious Mr. Fffft.

Chuck Jones meets Jazz Age Animation meets Impressionist Paris with Judy Garland and Robert Goulet singing! mollis sem, ut sollicitudin risus orci quis tellus.

Episode 1 - Legend with Ilya Tinker

Ilya joins Bailey to discuss having a crush on the devil, Tom Cruise squatting, and alternate soundtracks.

This movie doesn’t make sense. Partygoers try to tell what happens.

Ilya and Nathan consider inviting Tim Curry into their relationship

Cullen recounts a quote from a video about a loaf of bread

Bailey asks party guests about crushes on anthropomorphized non-human characters

Ilya is on Instagram at @ilysparkplug